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Accounting Services

It is important to have good communication in order to provide good services. Our accounting staff are responsive and understanding of your needs.

  • Consulting regarding company setup
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of consolidation workpapers
  • Computer accounting setup and help
  • Preparation of fixed asset ledger and calculation of depreciation expense
  • Consultation regarding accounting principals
  • Providing bookkeepers or assistants

Daily Accounting Work

It is costly to hire a capable full time accounting employee. To run a successful business, it is necessary to deal with accounting matters on a timely basis, which we provide. Let us help you with daily accounting work.

  • Calculation of payroll and preparation of payroll tax returns
  • Invoicing and bill payment
  • Providing accounting staff

Tax Services

It is very complicated to deal with all the tax requirements. We prepare federal, state, county, and city tax returns on timely basis.

  • Corporate, partnership and individual tax return preparation
  • Preparation of property tax returns
  • Preparation of application for business license
  • Preparation of sales tax returns
  • Preparation of payroll tax returns
  • Preparation of withholding tax report
  • Preparation of information returns
  • Providing tax advice
  • Calculation of gross payroll for employees (guarantee net payments)

Assistance for Financial Audit

In order to reduce cost, it is very important that your audit run smoothly. We prepare schedules and organized workpapers for auditors.